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  • Vaibu is a multi-faceted Indian-American creative who began as a Bharatanatyam dancer and Carnatic musician. After finding musical theatre, she realised that her mission in life was to tell true and authentic stories through the medium of theatre as a performer, director, and writer. 

  • She is committed to telling the stories of those who have been ignored, especially the South Asian community, and finding the common ground between all the art forms she holds near and dear. 

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- When she isn't working, Vaibu is usually thinking about work. She really needs to improve on her work-life balance. 

- When she was applying for grad school, Vaibu was asked what her favourite piece of musical theatre was. She has left that question blank for many months and sometimes stares at it hopelessly. She could never pick favourites like that.  

- Vaibu can often be found watching old movie musicals and trying to figure out how she can put more dream ballets into her work.  

- The way to Vaibu's heart is simple. Just think of the three "S"s: Sparkles, Snickers, and Sondheim. 

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