I played The Cat in my dad's play at age 3 and it's only been up from there! Check out some highlights below! 


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I have been a Bharatanaytam practitioner for the past two decades under the tutelage of my guru and mother, Dr. Srimathy Mohan. I have seen my mother build her dance school, Silambam Phoenix, in Arizona and have been a core dancer, teacher, and choreographer for many years. While Bharatnatyam is my heart and greatest passion, I am always interested in collaborating with and learning about the wonderful world of dance!


Sarvagnya was a show that has been gestating for 10 years and was our tribute to women everywhere for Silambam’s 20th anniversary. I was fortunate to serve as the associate choreographer and choreograph a few pieces myself. The excerpt below is an Ode to Martha Graham and incorporates Graham technique with Bharanatyam.


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I created Atma Pariksha along with fellow dancer, Ananth Udupa in 2019. We were contemplating how to take a less gendered approach to Bharatnatyam (which is highly gendered) and particularly towards love stories.

Atma Pariksha

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