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Vaibu  Mohan 

A multi-hyphenate and multi-dimensional artists, Vaibu Mohan has crafted a unique sonic world that blends the many styles which inspire her. Her eclectic taste and upbringing shaped her opinion that music can be defined by the experience, not the genre. 

Vaibu released her first album, Nayika Mixtape, in 2021, and performed it live as a musical theater piece twice in Arizona to great acclaim. 

Her debut EP, Pure Brown Noise, is slated for release March 2023. The piece has been described as a sampling platter of the artist's brain and a story driven journey of love, loss, pain, and redemption. 

Whether she is writing for the theater or as a recording artist, Vaibu's music is in this world to do one simple thing: tell a story. 

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